La Vie En Rose

I got into a French mood the last couple of days. It rained pretty much non-stop in San Francisco and it seemed that Edith Piaf should be the backdrop here. I love the wistfulness of music from that far-away time. I was wondering about that feeling, so powerful, that romantic yearning for a different era. I was overtaken for an afternoon and watched Les Regles du Jeu, rated the all-time best French movie, from 1939. I got lost for a while in the romance of it all.

I feel so much gratitude for this ability to fall so deeply into this sort of emotion. Beauty is sustaining. I know that Edith Piaf’s life was difficult and yet out of it came music that can fill up a rainy evening with exquisite depth and magic. This music stretches through the years and lights up a life so far from where it originated, both in time and space. read more

Song By Song

The apartment faces North, and in San Francisco that means that the air that blows through is coming down from Alaska. It’s always cold here. There is a battle over the heat, one person mindful of the cost of having the house cozy and one person who wants the house cozy, dammit. Much of the time, I’m in blankets and sweaters and sometimes as a statement, a coat.

My friend in the East is watching 12 inches of snow fall. I miss the snow. My body has become acclimated to constant Springtime, but I do miss the magic of the seasons. The quiet and relentless snowfall. The blood-red forests of Autumn. That moment at the end of the sweltering Summer when the Fall announces itself in one ancient sigh. read more

One More, With Feeling

Another stormy San Francisco morning. I love the sound of the wind and the rain. Wooden chimes hang on the fire escape outside the kitchen window, and I imagine that their low castanet sound will trigger a sense memory in the future, when I have left this apartment and am longing for my days in this magical city.

The band has been on hiatus for a few weeks, and while I have a bunch of music stuff to write about, on my mind this morning is still the big picture stuff. You’ll have to indulge me in yet one more such post until I get back to writing about learning Zeppelin songs. read more

The Fear of Fainting Goats

Yesterday was another gorgeous San Francisco day. It was chilly, but I imagine my Midwestern friends would think it warm for January. The sky was blue, with little white clouds like lace catching the sunlight and adding dimension. The bay was reflecting the blue and the water was still and sparkly. I took a walk downtown and when I was coming back over the hill, the green of the palm trees gave me that old familiar tropical feeling and I filled with the gratitude for the beauty of all the vacations I have ever taken. read more